TNT Fitness and Training Programs

TNT of NJ offers many different programs for each of our client’s needs. Every program is offered to clients of all different ages beginning at age 7. We offer Private Training (one-on-one), Semi-Private Training (1-3 individuals), Group training (more than 4 individuals) and Team Training. TNT offers personalized strength training, speed training, sports specific training and much more. Our personalized training systems will make you a faster, stronger and better athlete.  Come down to our training facility located in Elmwood Park, NJ for a free consultation.

Sports Specific Training

Focus on elevating our athletes’ performance for a specific sport by incorporating training movements that directly correlate to that individual’s sport. Sports Specific Training is incorporated in every athlete’s program. You can be the strongest and fastest athlete but it will all be a waste if you’re unable to use it on the field. TNT puts its athletes into positions that they will encounter during the game and strengthens those areas of the body.

Speed/Agility Training

Speed training is crucial for all athletes. We focus on correct running form and speed development so our athletes know the right way to run. Simple angle changes and the knee drive can instantly make these athletes run better. Arm action is also an important part of running. TNT makes sure our athletes know the proper way to pump their arms and keep stressing it every time they come in. TNT breaks down running into 3 different categories: Run for Speed, Run for Agility, and Run for Conditioning. Straight ahead speed work focuses on how fast an athlete can run without stopping or turning. We focus on the first view steps and eventually work up to top speed training where our athletes work on their stride length. Agility work is also a major staple of our program. In sports, athletes are constantly stopping, accelerating, and turning. Agility drills help our athletes improve their foot work and quickness. When our athletes come closer to their seasons, TNT conditions them to be in top shape before the season starts. We condition our athletes so they are able to sustain top performance for extended periods of time and will be able to outwork their opponents during their respective seasons.

Strength Training

TNT strength training focuses on making our athletes more explosive and improves overall body strength. Athletes who jump high and who run fast have to be strong! At TNT we strength train our athletes at early ages. It is a complete myth that youth athletes cannot strength train. As long as their bodies can handle what you throw at them and the form is correct you will not only see changes in their bodies but you will see significant improvements in their sport. TNT has phases of different strength training programs. For example, our 9-11 year olds will do body weight strengthening. Our 12-14 year olds will get introduced to weight training and the correct form of all types of lifts. Our high school athletes will be put on a full 3-4 day a week strength program. If you start athletes at early ages and teach them how to use their bodies in the correct manner they will take those skills with them as they get bigger and stronger. TNT will get your athletes stronger without putting necessary weight that will make them slower. The days of looking like a body builder are over. The days of being strong and fast are in!!

Team Training

Total Nunziato Training offers team training for any sport. No matter what sport, it is our goal is to make these teams better groups of athletes. If they are better athletes in the gym they will be better athletes on the field. We make our teams work together and compete together so that they are accountable for each other. We believe that in team sports accountability for one another is extremely important and TNT forces our teams to do that with each session. We want to teach our teams and coaches the proper way to perform exercises, so that they can take what we teach them into their respective seasons. Each workouts are planned with a goal at the end. Bring your team to our facility or let us come to you so we can show you exactly what we are about.

LIVV Fitness

LIVV IT is a program designed for every person, men or women, of any age for athletes, non-athletes, previous athletes, and the average person looking to take their fitness to the next level. Our clients love this program because they never know what to expect every time they step through the door. Chain bench, band squats, prowler pushes, farmer’s walk, box jumps — these are just some of the exercises our clients perform. You will NEVER do the same workout twice, you will ALWAYS be challenged, and even though in a group atmosphere the workouts are personalized and catered to the benefit of each individual. Any of our workouts can be modified for our clients that have injuries so everyone can enjoy the program.